Web Experiments

This page contains a list of web experiments we have created over the course of the project. None of the experiments require any specialist knowledge or equipment, and most take only a few minutes to complete. Have fun!

Current Studies:

  • Qualitube. Help us discover what makes a good recording at music festivals. Compare short clips of YouTube footage taken at the same gigs and tells us which is best: //www.goodrecording.net/qualitube/


  • Audiobattle. Help us discover how the quality of audio relates to listener’s behaviour online. Pairs of user-submitted sounds go head-to-head, tell us which of each pair is the better quality:http://www.goodrecording.net/audiobattle/
  • Calls of the Wild.* What effect do natural sounds have on our mood and level of stress? Listen to a range of birdsong samples (some familiar, some exotic and unusual) and let us know: http://www.goodrecording.net/callsofthewild/

*An earlier version of the this experiment was carried out during National Science & Engineering Week, in association with the British Science Association. Interested readers can find more information about that version of the experiment here.

  • Speech In Noise. We want to explore how the presence of noise affects our ability to perceive speech, and furthermore how this affects our perception of audio quality. Test your ability to hear nonsense sentences in difficult conditions: http://www.goodrecording.net/speech_noise_experiment/


Links and Other Experiments

  • Sound101.org. You can find more internet sound experiments carried out at the University of Salford by clicking here.


Readers who are interested in Web experiments involving psychology more generally (as opposed to purely audio-based, psychoacoustic-type experiments) will be sure to find some fascinating work in the following links:

  • The Hanover College Psychology Department has kindly listed links to our experiments and compiled a list of hundreds of other psychology related Web experiments, organised by research area. You can find it here.
  • Hundreds more online studies are listed here at a site maintained by Dr Kathryn Gardner at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.