Who are we?

The project is based at the Acoustics Research Centre at the University of Salford, partnered with BBC R&D and The British Library Sound Archive.The research team at Salford consists of:

Professor Trevor Cox.

Trevor Cox carries out research, teaching and commercial activities in acoustic engineering. He was an EPSRC Senior Media Fellow and is President of the Institute of Acoustics (Presidential Twitter Account).  Prof Cox carries out research in performance room acoustics, investigating how room conditions can be improved for good speech communication, and quality music production and reproduction.

Dr Bruno Fazenda

Bruno Fazenda’s main area of research has been in room acoustics, particularly looking at aspects affecting accurate reproduction and perception of sound in small listening spaces.  He has recently started to develop a research theme around audio production that aims to investigate aspects of automated rating and improvement of sound quality in audio signals and the design of novel creative production environments.

Dr Francis Li
Over 20 years, Francis has a accumulated a broad spectrum of expertise and research interests  but his major and long-standing research interest centres around the use of intelligent computation and modern signal processing techniques to solve acoustics and sound related problems, in particular, the computation, processing, extraction, organisation, recognision, storage and re-use of information contained in acoustic and/or audio signals.

Dr Paul Kendrick 

Paul Kendrick is a research fellow in the acoustic research centre. His interests are in the areas of signal processing and machine audition. Currently investigating the use of machine audition techniques to assess audio quality with out prior knowledge of the recording method or content.

Dr Iain Jackson

Iain is a research assistant on the Good Recording Project. With a research background in developmental psychology his main interests are in the areas of perception and cognition.  On the current project Iain is helping to investigate the ways in which quality is perceived in audio recordings.